Ascenso's OHT Inroads

Released for immediate publication 19th August 2021

Global OHT (Off Highway Tyre) brand Ascenso has been rapidly making a name for itself in this country since Whangarei-based Treadway Ltd was appointed New Zealand distributor. Ascenso is the newest major brand to be added to Treadway’s inventory.

Family-owned and operated Treadway is right at home when it comes to commercial and industrial tyres. Having logged more than 40 years in the field, the company now offers a huge range of industrial, construction, agricultural and earthmoving tyres and ancillary equipment, together with invaluable expertise that derives from their deep industry and product knowledge.

Ascenso is rising

Ascenso is a Spanish word meaning ‘ascent’ or ‘rise’; hence the tagline never stop rising, which signifies brand-owner Mahansaria Tyres’ (MTPL) commitment to constant improvement and innovation.

Demand driven

Many countries – most notably China and the United States – are making massive investments in infrastructure, driven by factors as diverse as climate change, population growth, geopolitical rivalry, and (in developing countries) the availability of funding from the World Bank or China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Consequently, the demand for robust and reliable OHT tyres has probably never been greater, nor has the competition been fiercer for supplying this segment of the rural and construction market. At the same time, shipping bottlenecks are impacting traditional global supply-chains.

New Zealand is also experiencing a boom in infrastructure expansion and large-scale construction projects. With the economy accelerating following the most recent pandemic lockdowns, a surge of government and private investment in works that require off-road vehicles is ramping up demand.

Sweet spot

Ascenso occupies a sweet spot in the marketplace that should make it a popular choice for New Zealand OHT customers. A key reason is the brand’s positioning in the medium price range.

MTPL’s state-of-the-art manufacturing base, located within one of India’s Special Economic Zones, has a current capacity of 40,000 units annually, projected to rise to 70,000. Ascenso OHT products range from bias ply tyres (suitable for higher loads) to high-end steel radial (for superior tread wear), as well as all-steel belted tyres for the toughest applications.

Ascenso drives innovation

Ascenso aims to be a leader in pioneering new products and processes. The Indian facility is already manufacturing tyres featuring innovative tread patterns with self-cleaning capabilities and extra-strength carcases.

Quality tyres with longer life deliver lower total ownership cost – an attractive proposition to purchasing officers, farmers, earthmoving and construction companies.

Unlocking value

“Having previously created two of the world’s leading off-highway tyre brands, we are excited to now be taking Ascenso to global markets,” says MTPL CEO Yogesh Mahansaria.

“As we are already exporting to 45 countries, we believe Ascenso can be a serious competitor in the value segment.”

Released for immediate publication 19th August 2021