Types of Trailer Suspension: Which Is Best for Your Needs?

From the rugged terrains of the South Island to the bustling urban streets of Auckland, understanding the nuances of suspension options for New Zealand made trailers becomes paramount for those seeking optimal functionality, stability, and longevity for their trailer.

n this article, we delve into the diverse landscape of suspension choices available for light commercial trailers.

How do you know if your trailer could be running a lot more smoothly than it currently is? 

It all comes down to the suspension. 

Here are some of the most popular types of suspension on the market and which one you should opt for. Plus, we’ll tell you how you can know if your current suspension needs repairing or just downright replacing. 

Types of Suspension
Not all suspension systems are created equally. Here are the most common types. 

Independent suspension
In this type of suspension system, each wheel uses individual components, allowing the system to absorb the shock independently at each wheel. Unfortunately, this type of system is pricey and does require a lot of upkeep. 

Leaf spring suspension
When it comes to suspension systems, why mess with a classic? Leaf spring systems are affordable and effective. In this design, the system is made up of curved springs that are stacked and attached to the trailer’s axle underside. The result is a smoother ride without breaking the bank. 

Torsion suspension
In this system, a heat-treated solid steel bar is surrounded by four rubber cords with a wheel hub spindle connected to the Torsion arm. These systems are good for dampening bumps in the road and providing you with a smooth ride. 

Trailing-arm suspension
Once seen more commonly in aircrafts, this type of suspension system is now popular for trailers. This type of suspension system is ideal for giving you better control of the rear wheels. 

Rubber suspension
Rubber suspension systems are lightweight and simple. They’re a type of torsion arm suspension, and they’re quieter than other systems and ideal for smaller trailers. 

Signs Your Trailer Suspension Needs Replacing
Wondering whether it’s time to repair or replace your suspension? Here are some surefire signs and symptoms. 
  • The wear and tear of your tires is uneven.
  • Your trailer is sagging on one side.
  • Steering your vehicle is increasingly challenging.
  • Your trailer is bouncing excessively while driving. 
  • Your hydraulic suspension system is leaking fluid.
  • You notice excessive vibration while driving.
  • Your trailer is swaying while driving.
If a few of these symptoms occur at once, there’s a high chance your suspension needs looking at. 

How to Choose the Right Trailer Suspension For You
There are several things to consider when choosing the right trailer suspension system. It needs to be within your budget for a start, but other factors matter, too. 
The suspension must be able to handle the weight of your load, so take load capacity into account. Likewise, the ride quality is important, so if you plan on travelling across rough terrain, consider this in your decision. 

Leaf springs are some of the most popular suspension systems on the market - and for good reason. They’re reliable, adjustable, cost-effective and great for a smooth ride, so in most situations, they’ll be the best suspension system for the job. 

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