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Why Tiny?

Why Opt for Tiny Homes?

Why Opt for Tiny Homes?

Living large has always been something worth striving for, but in recent times living tiny appears to be a lifestyle worth considering. What are the motives behind tiny living, and how can it compare to living in a larger home? Decreasing your available living space certainly takes some getting used to, but once adjusted it can be surprisingly easy. The benefits of going tiny in a modern world, are the innovative technologies that allow homes to operate seamlesslywith every inch of space cleverly utilized to be functional. 

Perhaps fifty, even thirty years ago, the idea of living tiny would be considered a cluttered lifestyle, where even preparing a meal would be unpleasantly awkward. In 2020, that is not the case. Today we have access to creative, insightful and intuitive innovations that have completely transformed the world of Tiny Homes. Some of these innovations are surprisingly simple, like finding a new design for the ladder to the bed, so it doesn’t steal too much space, or a special pop-out kitchen box, allowing you to extend your kitchen. The size of some tiny home kitchens is astounding, with most managing to find room for a large fridge and dishwasher and even a regular-sized kitchen sink. 

To have living at that standard readily moved to your desired location at the hitch of a trailer definitely has a desirability factor. It opens up myriads of options, that was once undesirable. Once upon a time, buying a bare patch of land could take years of work and a lot of extra money to get housing that was comfortable, up to standard and full of amenities. If you owned a Tiny Home, you could simply place it on the property the day you bought it. Need power? Why not buy solar panels instead of spending thousands hooking up to the grid? The Tiny Home, being tiny, uses a lot less power than a standard home, as it is faster to heat, and needs far less lighting. Now you live on the land you love; you have saved hundreds of thousands on building expenses and you have free power!  The benefits of Tiny Homes really start to look attractive when you begin to explore the world further. 

Sure, the savings certainly sound fantastic, and free power is hard to look past, but what about those with larger families? Or even just a standard family. Surely tiny living would become stressful at some stage. Of course, living tiny would be a strain on some families and it would take some adjusting, but it is amazing, almost perplexing what can be done in these small spaces to offer the feeling of separation. Some Tiny Homes even have up to four bedrooms!  With land space, you could set up three or four tiny homes and still spend less than it would cost to build a house. Your indoors may be small but your outdoors will be expansive, opening you and your family up to all kinds of additional lifestyle choices.

Your family now has not just a home, but the ability to grow food, generate power and essentially live off the grid. A suddenly appealing ideal in recent times. The savings on power and food bills lead to additional positives in life, like being able to afford that family holiday or ensure your children don’t miss out on an extracurricular activity. Basically, you can live tiny in order to live hugely. Living like this also comes with the advantage of knowing you have done your part for the environment by having reduced your carbon footprint. If living and consuming less becomes normal to you, then choosing sustainability will become normal as well. The benefits really start to stack up and become hard to ignore and it is clear that Tiny Homes can be a fantastic option for many New Zealanders. 

If you take a look at America and see how Tiny Home owners get by over there you will see that 68 percent of all Tiny Homes owners are mortgage-free, compared to 29.3% of all American homeowners. People can slave away at a mortgage for most of their lives, but being willing to downsize can prevent that kind of lifetime debt. Over half of Tiny Home owners in America have more savings than the average American, which makes sense when you consider most of them don’t have a mortgage to pay off. Imagine how content they feel in their comfortable homes, knowing their retirement is completely taken care of. They also have 89% less credit card debt than the average American. Of course, they are already living simplified, so there is no reason for them to get into debt for something they don’t need and anything they want they can afford to buy with their own money. To have no or very little mortgage, live free of debt and sit comfortably on a nest egg has become astonishingly simpler thanks to the Tiny Homes movement.

For many in New Zealand and in the world, it is a complete game-changer and it needs any support behind it, it can get. With the right businesses getting involved, Tiny Home building can become a streamlined process, so Kiwis can have access to a better lifestyle with savings left in their bank. 

Ensuring Tiny Homes are designed and built innovatively using the available new technologies ensures they do not become scrutinized for substandard living. Tiny homes are about living simply and beautifully, reducing our carbon footprint and saving thousands in the process. Treadway strives to provide only the latest and best quality trailer chassis, jockey wheels and trailer parts to Tiny Home owners and builders offering complete confidence in the foundation the home will be built upon. Tiny homes are a movement worth getting in behind. If all kiwis had access to a better lifestyle with more savings, then they run on benefits for society and the country as a whole would be tremendously monumental. 


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