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Keep your load on the road

Transporting goods in any approach always boils down to one key thing: Product Safety. It’s great if you are able to transport and deliver a large amount of product in one go, but becomes a waste of valuable time and resources if the goods get damaged in the process. Damaged freight costs money and potentially loses business. If you are unable to get your goods to a client safely, they may consider using somebody else who can. To dissolve the problem, you can spend money on quality trailer straps, cargo nets, and ensure anyone tasked with securing the freight, knows what they are doing. You can also make sure the one driving the goods, knows how to do so without moving them around too much, so damage is kept to a minimum. These can all be helpful tools to ease the risk, but to give your product the smoothest ride possible (as it truly deserves, being the life and backbone of the business), the first place to look is at the trailer. 

Keep your load on the road

The trailer is a lot more than a platform to carry things on. Different trailers are designed to carry different things and for good reason. Trailers carrying more weight, for example, need more design, as they need a decent braking system, with higher load-bearing shocks and suspension. When choosing a trailer, you want to consider how that trailer is going to operate on the road and the type of suspension the trailer uses plays a big part of that. Most trailers use leaf spring axles, a stack of curved springs, that attach over or underneath the axle. The leaf spring system is very common and comes with benefits such as dependable tyre wear, easier to replace, and inexpensive. However, leaf springs have more wearable components and can give quite a bumpy ride on the rougher roads. As a cheaper option, they are appealing, but in terms of product safety, leaf spring axles are like a thin layer of bubble wrap, whereas torsion axles are like soft memory foam. 

Torsion Axles may come with some inconveniences, such as being irreparable and expensive to replace, but they make up for it in droves by offering a smooth quiet ride, perfect for long hauls across country. Although replacing them is costly, maintaining them is not as they have zero wearable components, and only require regular greasing. If maintained, the overall cost of them should be less than leaf springs, which require regular maintenance and renewal of parts, adding cost to the business. Torsion Axles are wonderfully simple, using the compression of rubber to supply suspension when needed. Each wheel is able to receive cushioning independently, offering greater stability when travelling on rougher surfaces. Torsion axles also bolt directly to the frame of the trailer, which increases the trailer’s stability, providing more structure. Free from spring rusting the torsion axles provided by Knott by Treadway even come with ‘Sealed-for-life’ cartridge bearings, using Knotts triple seal system, eliminating the need for maintenance. They are also hot-dip galvanised, providing quality corrosion resistance. The Torsion Axles by Knott offer everything: The smooth ride, savings on maintenance, and the guarantee of a long life. 

When you choose to run your business with quality, you may spend slightly more at first, but the long-term rewards will always be far greater. Start by offering quality over quantity, and soon you will be able to offer both. If your company is on the road a lot, moving around goods, equipment or machinery, then the vessel you carry your enterprise upon should be of high function, quality and long-lasting, just as you want your business to be. Your trailers are highly integral, and so you want to source your trailer from only the best, most trusted supplier you can depend on. Knott by Treadway produced their 5 millionth axle back in 2015 and have been a trusted leader in trailer technology for over 75 years. For a business that relies on their trailers, that kind of quality and experience is paramount.

We face a lot of uncertainty in our lives, much of it out of our control. It’s good to know that we can put our faith in innovative new technologies, to help obtain certainty where we can.  Every load may be strapped uptight, padded with sheets of bubble wrap, but one hardy jolt from a nasty pothole, courteous of our forever eroding New Zealand roads, could wind up costing you thousands. Using a torsion axled trailer can provide certainty, so damage and losses are no longer the risks when driving rough roads.  

Of all the benefits Torsion Axles bring, confidence in your business will be the greatest and most valuable. Keep your load on the road and your business on the tracks, with Knott by Treadway


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