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5 Latest Trends in Trailer Design

Changing times call for improvement on safety and reduction of costs in trailering technology. You will be impressed as to how advanced trailering will be in the near future.

5 Latest Trends in Trailer Design

Trailer DesignThe Latest Trends

1. Technology in Autonomy.

The evolution of vehicles is nothing but a response to the need for efficiency and quality improvement. According to the technical director for the NATM or the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers, drivers are taking up 25% of the costs and fuel is taking up 29% of the cost in most trailer usage. Self-driving vehicles and electrification, which are both becoming a trend in vehicle building, will contribute much to enhancing the efficiency and quality of transport, reducing motor vehicle fatalities, deaths, and property damages caused by driving errors and roadway mishaps. However, this may be becoming a trend, but not everyone is eager enough to give up the steering wheel and trusting technology to do the job for them.

2. Fully integrated “Smart” Trailers

These are trailers that are completely designed “smart”. This means trailer trucks built as passenger trucks that are fully equipped with cameras, light and sound controls, tire pressure monitor, maps, and other analytical and radar tools which make it safer to the passengers inside it.

3. Aerodynamic Trailers

Investing in aerodynamic trailers would mean investing in speed and efficiency. Sharply-constructed aerodynamic trailers reduce the drag coefficient by 20%, which means, faster speed. How can you tell if a trailer is aerodynamic? Here are the ways:

– Sleek side panels are engineered to protrude into the gap between the truck and the trailer, reducing resistance. – Skirts are customised and strategically placed in the underbelly of the trailer to reduce drag and save fuel. – Trailer tail is adding at the back of the trailer which redirects airflow that also contributes to reducing the drag. – Tires are of low-resistance.

4. Reverse Slant Load

If you transport around horses in a trailer truck, then the reverse slant load trailer design is suitable for

you and your horses. In a reverse slant load, your horse never has to back in because it will be loaded in a wide door on the side or in the back of the trailer, head in first. The reverse slant load trailer has dividers that will help you lock your horses safely in one side. These dividers, too, are designed to allow light and air in while in transport.

5. The Romotow

So much about valuables and goods transport. RVs, campers, and trailers are also evolving, unsurprisingly though, into love campers. The Romotow is a camper trailer that in just one push of a button, it spins from the centre, revealing the deck area for more space to use while camping. It can be used as an area for adults to enjoy lounging or dining. The Romotow cabin can accommodate four adults to camp comfortably. It has two bedrooms–in the rear and in front, has a high-end design kitchen, and as well as a common bathroom.

Have you read any other advancements in design and engineering of trailers? Let us know and we’ll be happy to publish another article on Trailers’ latest trends on design.


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