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Tips for Trailer Tyre Selection and Maintenance


Tips for Trailer Tyre Selection and Maintenance

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Looking for the best trailer tyres for your boat trailer can be very tricky. We often tend to be more concerned about the costs rather than ensuring quality and safety while driving. Purchasing the right set of tyres is an investment as these are not items that you typically buy and replace yearly. High-quality tyres would last from 3 up to 5 years. Here are some tips in tyre selection and maintenance:

1. Normal vehicle tyres and trailer tyres are different. Trailers are expected to carry heavy loads that is why tyres manufactured for these are very tough. Be meticulous while browsing through different options. Read reviews from product users to be able to make objective decisions.


2. AT tyres or All-terrain tyres should be your go-to option. AT tyres provide the right kind of sturdiness, whether it paves in an on or off-road terrains. 


3. Always keep CTT in mind or Construction, Tread, and Traction. Tyres built to last can withstand the roughest terrain situations. Some tried and tested brands Treadway stock include Westlake and Deestone. By considering CTT when choosing trailer tyres can enhance your fuel efficiency and mileage. Tyres with open tread patterns and open shoulder blocks and traction ridges are your best bet.  


4. As mentioned earlier, tyres have a lifespan of 3 to 5 years, so it is best to replace your tyres even if they still look ‘pretty good’ in your opinion. Never risk your safety. 


5. Tyres always have markings as to how much trailer tyre pressure should be added when inflating to ensure safe and smooth driving.


6. Clean your tyres with high-pressure washers to get rid of dirt and prevent the tyre rims from rusting.


Trailer tyres are built for transporting heavy loads which means they need to be attended  to with care and maintenance. To view our trailer tyre range, check out our website at https://www.treadway.co.nz/. You can also call our Treadway team at 0800 653 246 or send your query through to sales@treadway.co.nz


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