Apply For A Trade Account

What is the purpose of a Treadway trade account?

Treadway trade accounts are designed to provide customers with access to exclusive offers and discounts on Treadway products, as well as regular updates on the latest products and promotions. The account also offers a range of payment options, including credit terms, direct deposit and credit card payments.

How do I get a Treadway trade account?

Download Treadway trade account application form

How long will it take to approve my Treadway trade account?

Account approval times depend on the availability of your references. We recommend you advise your referees of your intent to use them for a trade account reference.

What is a Treadway trade account?

A Treadway trade account is a specialized trade account provided by Treadway Ltd. It is designed for trade customers, such as engineers, fabrication workshops, farming contractors, mobility equipment retailers, and businesses that manufacture trailers and trolleys, to access a range of benefits and privileges that are specific to their trade needs. These benefits may include discounted trade pricing, trade promotions and exclusive offers, priority service, extended payment terms, and access to a dedicated trade support team. The Treadway trade account is aimed at helping trade customers manage their trailer parts and wheel, rim and tyre needs efficiently and cost-effectively.