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Order Tow Balls from a Family Owned NZ Supplier

Pulling a trailer or wagon requires your vehicle to be properly equipped to handle the task, and purchasing quality accessories is important to ensure the safety of you and your load. Treadway provides nationwide delivery of tow balls in NZ that will connect to your vehicle with your trailer safely and securely while providing additional protection from rear impacts.

Tow a heavy load with confidence

Treadway’s Trax brand is popular with manufacturers in the OEM sector as well as resellers in the replacement and accessory markets. Forged for high strength and available in chrome or zinc plated finish, there is a Trax product to suit all common models of utes and cars. There are multiple tow ball sizes available to accommodate different vehicles, with a weight capacity between 2000kg and 3500kg depending on your choice. Before you buy, make sure you check the specifications of the model against your vehicle to make sure you get the correct size for a proper fit.

If you have any questions about our range, call our team on 0800 653 246 today. Otherwise, leave your details in our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Choose from our range of market-leading wheelbarrow tyres

And we don’t just manufacture new products; we also act as a supplier for some of the leading brands throughout Australia. This means you’ll always be in a position to source the right wheels and tyres for your firm. If you are on the lookout for exceptional off-the-shelf products that boast the highest safety rating of anything else you will find around New Zealand, we are your supplier of choice.

We ensure everything we sell – whether it is produced by us or another company – ascribes to strict safety guidelines. Nothing is more important than top-level safety, and we ensure our garden products help you meet all your goals. 

Contact us to discuss your wheelbarrow wheels and more in NZ

Contact Treadway to discuss your upcoming project requirements. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive quote on service to make it easier for you to introduce new products into your manufacturing collateral.

As part of our dedication to New Zealand businesses, we also provide payment plans, to help you get on track with your finances. Ask us how we can fit your new wheels into your business budget.


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