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2017 Treadway Road Trip

2017 Treadway Road Trip

Road Trip Wrap Up!

Our first annual Treadway Road Trip saw John winding his way around the country, catching up with clients, and taking in the countryside. It was part of our commitment to keeping our feet on the ground and understanding the needs of New Zealand’s travellers and the people who keep them moving.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with our valued clients. Along with the amazing NZ scenery, we got awesome feedback which I have communicated back to the team so we can act on this. I look to forward to embarking on a roady again!”

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Thank You

Thank you for being along for the Treadway journey this year. We’ve appreciated your company and your business. Treadway is dedicated to keeping things moving in New Zealand, through rigour, reliability, and respect for the people we work with, the people we work for, and for our country. We look forward to being of service in the future.

All the best
The team at Treadway

Treadway closes midday 22nd December 2017 and reopens 3rd January 2018 with a skeleton staff and full operations resuming on the 8th January 2018.
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