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About Us

The Treadway Way


At Treadway, we're dedicated to keeping things moving forward in New Zealand.  Whether it's manufacturing, industry and agriculture, or handling everyday garden and lifestyle block chores.


In fact, our family owned company has been on the ground, helping New Zealanders
and New Zealand since 1976.


Today, every one of us is still just as committed to providing what's right for every job, and every
customer; that's true for service too.  And we're looking towards a bright future, while keeping a firm grip on what's happening today.


Our Values

1.     Service and Expertise
Treadway can do what no other can.  Our service and products are specialised, and bespoke. Our commitment is not only a superior product but a world-leading one.
2.     Trusted Advisors
Treadway has grown its business largely on the responsiveness to its long-term clients and referrals.  the willingness of clients to continue to deal with us is firmly based on a foundation of trust - a reliance on our ability to consistently deliver on our promises and products under warranty.
3.     Strong Partnerships
The in-depth knowledge of Treadway's highly experienced team (across all facets of the industry) means we have a real appreciation of the needs and wants of the businesses we service.  Understanding these, and building mutually beneficial relationships, ensures profitable long-term partnerships.
4.     Sustainable Practices 
Clients have the comfort of knowing that the Treadway Products use renewable materials and adopt eco-friendly practices, increasingly expanding our contribution to a sustainable business and environment.
5.     Client Responsiveness
As a company, we are particularly interested in listening to our clients and promptly responding to their evolving needs.  Our aim is to fit our business around the present and future needs of clients, not the other way round.
6.     Fresh thinking
The diversity of Treadway's clients and our internal way of working enables us to attract and retain some of the best minds in the business.  Since original ideas are the lifeblood of modern business, having motivated staff continually researching trends and taking fresh approaches to our products and services is a valuable asset to the company and our clients.



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